Taylor began her career in real estate and recognized early on that she had a natural talent and desire for building long-lasting client relationships predicated upon trust, honesty, and integrity. During these early years of her career working in real estate, she developed a passion for providing her clients with the best results, a theme that has carried over into her management role at Reliance Dental Designs. Today, as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Reliance Dental Designs and with over 15 years of management experience, she is continuously working and innovating to ensure that her clients and their patients receive the best outcomes possible.

Taylor’s personalized touch has undoubtedly become a trademark of the Reliance Dental Designs client experience: a client- and solution-centered experience unlike any other dental lab. Developing a personal relationship, and ideally life-long friendships, with every practice she serves is the cornerstone of her client-focused management philosophy. Under her leadership, you will always feel appreciated, and your patient will relish the beauty of their new smile. She receives immense personal satisfaction and fulfillment from seeing her clients and their patients benefit from her personalized services.

Having personally experienced the benefit of a full mouth restoration, masterfully crafted by Reliance Dental Designs, Taylor knows she can proudly stand behind every restoration that leaves her lab. She understands that what can be gained from an exceptional restoration goes well beyond looking great. Having personally experienced the life-enhancing benefits of a more beautiful and healthier smile has fueled her drive to provide her clients and their patients with the same quality of life she has achieved through excellent dental health.

As a long-time resident of the Manteca, California, Taylor is proud to offer Reliance Dental Designs expert services to both local dentists and practices nationwide. When not in the office, Taylor enjoys taking long motorcycle rides in the California sunshine with her husband, working towards her fitness goals at the gym, and, most importantly, spending quality time with her two sons Jordan and Devon and her granddaughter Brielle.