We know your patients deserve quality. We know your reputation deserves its praises. And, we know that you need a good price on quality dental lab work. Our professional fabricators have decades of experience and exceptional training, and our work speaks for itself. In fact, you can see our work on our gallery page. We approach every case with the intention of it being a “showcase.” Your patients aren’t settling for anyone less than the best, and we don’t think you should either. If you’re looking for the best dental lab for your practice, you’ve found it. Call Reliance Dental Designs for superior, reliable, and consistent quality at a competitive price.


When it comes to cosmetic restorations, you know that esthetics are paramount. That’s why we use the best available materials and technologies to provide you with truly superior restorations. We offer a wide range of cosmetic restorations to give your patients a beautiful, long-lasting, and natural-looking smile. From conception to delivery, our fabricators are available to you through the client portal to ensure that the product we produce is the right one for your patient.


Once your patients commit to your treatment plans, they’re putting their trust and investment in you. When they get their final restorations, they expect beautiful results. But, as a dentist, you know that appearances aren’t everything. In order to get a truly superior restoration, you need truly superior technology and materials. We make each of our restorations in-house using the latest technologies and materials right here in our dental lab in Northern California, meaning that you benefit from a team of people who are in control of the quality of your product from conception to delivery.

We take pride in our work so you can take pride in yours.


Big or small, complicated or simple, a successful restoration begins with competent case management. Today’s suite of available technologies requires someone with a high level of technical knowledge and skill to be able to leverage the benefits of those technologies. At Reliance Dental Designs, our case managers are experts in the technical aspects of restorations and ensure your case receives the attention it deserves. Our goal is to ensure you receive consistent, predictable, and repeatable results with every case.

The Reliance Dental Designs team is here to make sure you are supported through the whole process. From the moment you submit a case directly to our team or through our online client portal, you will have a dedicated team member assigned to your case. Getting started is easy. In your client portal, should you choose to use it, you can upload:

  • Digital scans or diagnostic wax-ups
  • A complete treatment plan for your patient
  • Notes on patients’ expectations and what they want to achieve with their restoration

After receiving this information, your case manager will be available to provide troubleshooting, opinions on material selection, and advice in order to help your patient achieve the most beautiful custom restoration possible. From submission to delivery, Reliance Dental Designs stands behind you and our product every step of the way.


We stand behind our work because we know it’s being completed to the highest standard possible. Reliance Dental Designs has made considerable investments in the latest CAD/CAM technologies to ensure we remain on the cutting edge of restoration production, allowing us to produce the most accurate and precisely-fitting restorations. We complete all of our milling in house, allowing us to set and maintain incredibly high standards for quality control and ensuring that only exceptional restorations leave our laboratory.


At the end of the day, you can create the most lifelike, highly-functional, and well-fitting restoration possible, but without the correct finish, the esthetics and client satisfaction are going to fall flat. The fabrication team at Reliance Dental Designs has truly set the standard across the industry for the esthetically beautiful, true-to-life finishes they consistently create.

  • Staining: The application of stain allows the restoration to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding natural teeth, providing natural-looking shadows and adding character. It truly is as much an art as it is a science when it comes to staining restorations. We aim to achieve a lifelike appearance so that the restoration cannot be differentiated from your patients’ natural teeth.
  • Glazing: The final step in completing the restoration is the application of a glaze. This glaze is ultimately used to seal the restoration, providing a strong outer surface that helps to protect it from plaque and bacteria. In addition to helping ensure the restoration is long-lasting, the glaze helps to provide a smooth and glossy lifelike texture to the surface.

Our glazes and stains are all hand applied right here at our laboratory in Manteca, California by Reliance Dental Designs fabricators and craftsmen. We ensure that every restoration is “showcase” quality and that you and your patient will be more than satisfied with the result!

Are you ready to submit your first case? Our fabricators are ready to work with you to achieve beautiful, long-lasting patient outcomes at a competitive price. Call Reliance Dental Designs to experience the Reliance difference today!