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At Reliance Dental Designs, we know that dentistry is the perfect marriage of art and science. In fact, this marriage is our passion. Our dental lab provides superior craftsmanship at a competitive price. Without the need to outsource anything, all of our dental restorations are crafted by us right here in California! Your reputation matters, and our commitment to quality is our commitment to you. Partnering with Reliance Dental Designs is good for you, good for your reputation, and good for your patients. What are you waiting for?

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I would recommend him over and over for high quality dental lab work and especially dental cosmetics. I’ve entrusted the smiles of many of my family members to Danny and his abilities and it has been so great to collaborate with him over the years. Thank you so much Danny for making us and our patients look so good!

Tejas Patel, DDS

I can trust that when I receive my cases back there are little to no adjustments and the work is beyond beautiful. This provides me the opportunity to give my patients the best experience.

Scott Arnold, DDS

Danny's general knowledge and years of experience have given me another resource for help and guidance on challenging cases. It has been a pleasure working with Reliance Dental Designs.

Pamela Andrews, DDS

When you partner with Reliance Dental Designs, you’re guaranteed a high-end product at a competitive price delivered in a reasonable timeframe.

Competitive pricing.
Reasonable turnaround.
Superior quality.

We know that there are plenty of dental labs who prioritize volume and ship units out all day long. We aren’t that lab. Quality craftsmanship and healthy, beautiful smiles are our passion. We promise a reasonable price and a reasonable turnaround time, but, more importantly, we promise a superior product. At Reliance Dental Designs, we make sure the product you order is exactly the product you need for your patient.


Your patients aren’t settling. Why should you?

Once you have a patient who commits to a cosmetic treatment plan, they’re committing to you. They aren’t settling for a subpar dentist; why would you settle for a subpar lab? Your patient’s happiness is your success, and your success is our passion. We know that the cost of lab work and the turnaround time is important. We’ve prioritized these for you so that you can prioritize your patient outcomes. At Reliance Dental Designs, we aren’t settling for a subpar product; we’re making a high-end, American-made product easily available and affordable to dentists country-wide.

At Reliance Dental Designs we use the most advanced technologies and materials available to craft high-end restorations right here in our own lab in California. Neither you nor your patients have to settle.

You stand behind your work. Use a lab who stands behind theirs

The latest technology and the best materials. Because your patients deserve it.

We have all of the latest technology at our disposal in-house. Each of our products is made right here in California by a team of people you know and trust. We are dedicated to providing ultimate satisfaction, and our team will work with you to make sure that the products you order are exactly what you need. Our expertly-trained and highly-experienced team has decades of experiences crafting high-quality cosmetic dental ceramics.

Cosmetic dentistry made beautiful.
Lab work made simple.

We know that you have options when it comes to choosing a dental lab. At Reliance Dental Designs, we are committed to exceeding your expectations. Your patients deserve beautiful, reliably strong restorations, and you deserve the reputation that comes along with those patient outcomes. Each of our products comes with our Reliance Dental Designs guarantee:

  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Consistent quality, precision, and accuracy
  • Unlimited support and ultimate satisfaction

Our fabricators have decades of experience in crafting high-quality dental products that are all designed to be “showcases.” Cosmetic dentistry is committed to providing patients with beautiful, healthy, natural-looking smiles. Our fabricators believe that creating a high-end product begins at the intersection of art and science. Using the latest technologies and materials, we provide a consistently superior product. Finding the right dental lab for your practice hinges on finding a lab that provides the same quality and commitment to beautiful, healthy, and natural-looking smiles as you do. For reliably beautiful, high-quality products at a better price and reasonable turnaround time, call Reliance Dental Designs.

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Our client portal is designed to make your case management easier and communication with our team painless. You can track your existing cases right through the client portal.


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