Our fabricators regularly craft exceptional crowns and bridges. We use the technology and materials that you need to create a beautiful, natural-looking smile that is durable enough to last! Our fabricators will work with you to create high-end crowns and bridges that will leave your patient feeling ecstatic with their new smile. Between our diagnostic models and our expertise with materials and technologies, we consistently deliver crowns and bridges that blend in seamlessly with your patient’s surrounding dentition.


Your patients are looking for more from their cosmetic dentistry treatment. They need to not only be functional and strong, but also need to have a natural-looking esthetic. IPS E.Max’s Lithium Disilicate Ceramic-Glass (2SiO2–Li2O) formulation contains approximately 70% lithium disilicate glass, and excels at meeting patient, dentist, and laboratory needs in creating the perfect restoration. This full ceramic system is best utilized when esthetics cannot be compromised and provides many benefits over traditional porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) restorations. Its properties make it an ideal material for the fabrication of ceramic veneers; however, its mechanical properties also make it appropriate for a wide range of indications.

Strength: With a flexural strength of approximately 500 MPa, an extremely high fracture resistance, and a 96% survival rate, you can rest assured that both you and your patient will be satisfied with the longevity and durability of restorations completed using this material.

Esthetics: A restoration is only deemed successful when the patient is satisfied with their appearance. The optical characteristics and available range of ingot shades and opacities allow our fabricators to create a product with beautifully natural esthetics.

Success: Its biocompatibility, life-like optical properties, and strength have made IPS E.max extraordinarily successful with over 100 million restorations completed globally.

The versatility of the IPS E.Max system makes it suitable for both press and CAD/CAM applications. By using IPS E.Max you are ensuring the highest level of function and true-to-life beauty for your patient while guaranteeing the material is easy for you to work with.


We specialize in fabricating dental implants and custom abutments so that your patients get the most natural-looking, functional implant possible. We consistently produce superior tissue- and bone-level implants. Like most dental labs, we do offer stock abutments. However, if you are looking for an exceptional and personalized restoration, you’ll want custom abutments for your patients. Our exceptionally skilled team has an unparalleled depth of knowledge in the technical aspects of implant products, their construction, and pricing, helping you achieve the best possible patient outcomes.


Traditional porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) dental crowns are a hybrid crown characterized by fusing a porcelain veneer onto a metal shell. The metal that is fused to the porcelain provides strong compression and tensile strength while the porcelain makes the crown appear naturally beautiful. PFM restorations are indicated for both anterior and posterior crowns and bridges.

Strength: No other dental restoration product, including zirconia, has a higher flexural strength than metal. Additionally, the high-strength bond that can be achieved between the metal base of a PFM restoration and the underlying tooth ensures a stable and lasting restoration.

Esthetics: Porcelain’s life-like translucent properties combined with our expert fabricator’s skill in exact color and shade matching ensure that any PFM restoration will meet your patients’ expectations, especially when restoring teeth that have a prominent position in their smile!

Success: PFM restorations have been used extensively for over 40 years. No other restoration product has the track record of patient success and satisfaction. The biocompatibility of precious metal bases is unmatched by any other product.

We use a variety of precious and base metals and match the porcelain to the adjacent teeth and gingiva. Base metals offer the strength necessary for successful restorations, while allowing for some cost reduction. Precious and noble metal bases offer better biocompatibility than the base metals, at a slight increase in cost. In essence, PFM crowns give your patients the strength they need with the natural-looking esthetic they deserve.


Full contour zirconia is the ultimate product for posterior crowns and bridges. The ultra-high flexural strength of monolithic zirconia, rated at approximately 1200 MPa, ensures long-lasting and functional restorations. While the flexural strength is high, this material is not so tough as to prematurely wear the enamel of opposing teeth, even in patients who exhibit bruxism.

Full contour zirconia is an esthetic solution indicated when either a PFM is not desired by the patient, there is inadequate space for the preparation of PFM restoration, or the patient has a history of broken PFM restorations. Our full contour zirconia restorations are glazed without the use of porcelain, ensuring an ultra-strong, chip- and fracture-free restoration even for the most aggressive bruxers.

Although monolithic Zirconia is opaque by nature, our master fabricators have extensive experience staining and glazing posterior crowns and bridges, guaranteeing the restoration perfectly matches your clients existing dentition. When strength and esthetics matter most, full contour zirconia restorations offer the longest lasting and most appealing posterior restoration for your patient.


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