When it comes to setting expectations and, at the end of the day, selling your treatment plan, models and wax-ups are the most valuable tool in your toolkit. Not only do they allow you and our fabricators to create truly customized, expertly crafted restorations, but they also help your patient visualize the end result and help you set realistic expectations.

We don’t need to tell you how important the diagnostic wax-up is. When it comes to planning, communication, and predictability, it doesn’t get better than the diagnostic wax-up.

  • Idealizing preparation design
  • Easily evaluate occlusion and phonetics
  • Communicating contours, length, anatomy

Communication between you and your patient and between you and our lab is vital to the success of your restoration. Diagnostic wax-ups streamline and clarify this process with ease. Precise and accurate diagnostic wax-ups make certain your preparations for treatment are adequate, help to minimize pre-appointment preparation time, and set realistic expectations with your patients.

Cosmetic Dental Restorations

At Reliance Dental Designs, we offer a wide variety of materials and solutions to fit the needs of your patients’ case. Every case is different and requires experienced knowledge on which material is best suited to give a superior esthetic outcome. Whether it be a full mouth reconstruction case, cosmetic veneers, or a single unit, you will receive an incredible product and outcome, but you’re also ensuring that you have a partner who is as invested in a successful outcome as you are.


Reliance Dental Designs is committed to providing your patients with the best restorations and outcomes possible. That’s why we custom fabricate temporary restorations in-house. Our expert craftsmen apply their years of expertise and use the latest CAD/CAM technologies to craft the most esthetically appealing, highly functioning, and best fitting temporaries available. We create our custom temporaries in-house from the same data and models that you provide for the final restoration. The benefits of Reliance Regal Temp include:

  • Alleviate patient stress during longer restoration projects
  • Reduces chair-time and stress of creating chair-side temporaries
  • Provides protection for teeth that have been prepared for final restoration
  • Help to maintain gum and oral health while waiting for the final restoration
  • Gives your patient a sneak-peak at their new smile, allowing them to “test drive” it
  • Save time and money by addressing issues early on, reducing remakes and adjustments
  • Allows patients to eat and speak normally when teeth are missing or have been prepared for final restoration

Our temporaries offer an esthetically-pleasing and functional short-term solution for patients looking at large or whole mouth reconstructions. They also have the benefit of serving as a physical representation of the planned restoration that the patient can see and interact with, providing a starting point for discussions on function and esthetics. Perhaps the best use of Reliance Regal Temporaries is in gaining patient acceptance and excitement of the treatment prior to fabrication of the final restoration.


Getting a high-quality product at a competitive price starts by submitting your first case. You’ll immediately recognize the Reliance Dental Designs Difference! Call (209) 823-8418 to get started. Superior products and pride in craftsmanship are our top priorities. What are you waiting for?